Monthly Archives: March 2014

Exhibition at Goldsmiths

The Swanscombe Project will be holding an exhibition from the 23rd April at Goldsmiths College in New Cross, London. The exhibition involves all the Project’s sixteen photographers, both professionals and committed amateurs, who have been working over a year to document their own reactions to the post-industrial landscape of Swanscombe Marsh. This landscape is a zone of cement industry remains, contaminated landfill and pylons, but also reed beds, grazing land, moorings and tracts of surprising quiet beauty.  The two-week exhibition begins with a Private View on the 23rd April and there will be a Seminar, also held at Goldsmiths, on the 30th April – more details to follow.

New Pages added

One year on from the start of the project, all the photographers involved in the Swanscombe Project have been asked to send in their original personal statements or a re-working thereof. These statements express their individual intentions and interests in photographing Swanscombe Marsh and collectively illustrate the wide engagement in this project. The first of the statements are already in and you’ll find them on the new Photographers page.  Next to that is an About page, which provides a synopsis on why this project is documenting the Swanscombe Marsh landscape and how it all started.